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If you have a home and possessions that need to be appraised, Harold will evaluate them and write up an estimate that you can give to the Register of Wills.

Accurate Appraisal Services

Have you been left with a large estate, but don't know how to value anything? Do you need to liquidate your business, but aren't sure where to start? An appraisal can help you get the necessary information to take the next steps.


An appraisal is the opinion of the value of real property by a certified appraiser like Harold Wise at Wise Auctions. Get in touch with us for all your residential and commercial property auctions.

Don't ask just anyone to appraise your property. Make sure the person you choose is a certified appraiser whose estimation will hold up to scrutiny like ours will.

Essential to settling estates

Certified personal property appraisals

We guarantee your satisfaction with all our services.

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